Commercial pressure cleaning

Professional building washing & high pressure cleaning services that make an impact on your business!

Get your building sparkling again with CMBM’s commercial pressure cleaning solutions.

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Commercial pressure cleaning that cuts through years of wear & tear

Our pressure cleaning specialists are experts in using high pressure cleaning equipment to thoroughly remove dirt build-up, animal droppings, insects and cobwebs, and weathering – all without damaging your building.

We service all types of sites for pressure cleaning, whether large or small. From roof washing to abseil window cleaning, building washing, and more, our pressure cleaning specialists appropriately section off the site and ensure strict safety precautions are adhered to.


Building Washing


Abseil Window Cleaning


Roof Washing


High Pressure Tile Cleaning


Graffiti Removal

Do I need pressure cleaning on my premises?

Pressure cleaning can remove years of wear and tear, weathering and dirt build-up on your building. It is the most cost effective and easiest way to get your building looking as good as new.

CMBM deliver commercial pressure washing solutions without cutting corners, rushing jobs, or using inferior products and chemicals.

Our pressure cleaning specialists are qualified in what they do, bringing you superior service and professionalism.

The tiles themselves have had a lift in colour

“On inspection we found the grout came up almost like new and the tiles themselves have had a lift in colour.

The residents were really happy with the final result. They said the operator was very professional and they would recommend his work. Thanks again for the quick response.”

A big improvement to the appearance of the property

“A lot of residents have expressed how happy they are with the cleaning of the common property areas that you completed.

It has made a big improvement to the appearance of the property.”

Very impressed!

“Jon, I was very impressed with your guys over the last two days – very professional!”

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