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Providing safe and clean spaces for government, council and the general public through contract cleaning and facility services. Find out more about government & council cleaning.

Award-winning cleaning services

CMBM provide quality services for government & council cleaning, maintenance, and building works. We work with many councils across Queensland, including Sunshine Coast Council and Mackay Regional Council.

As fully qualified commercial cleaners, we understand the importance of cleanliness and hygiene, and are committed to providing safe and clean spaces for staff, residents, and the general public.

Complete solutions for government & council cleaning

From council buildings to public spaces, parks, amenities, and more, CMBM provide a complete cleaning and facility services solution for your local area.

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What our clients say

"We are very happy with CMBM "


Our dedicated Client Service Manager is available to us at all times, and the staff who clean our premises are efficient and thorough.

Any emergency or ad-hoc cleaning issue is addressed quickly and efficiently. Excellent customer service and communication is provided.

— Mackay Regional Council

"Thank you to CMBM. Everywhere I go the BBQs, outdoor showers, and toilets have been so clean."


I wish to applaud the services of CMBM Facility Services who clean the public facilities at Moffat Beach, Graham Stewart Park, Dicky Beach, Kings Beach, and Bulcoock Beach.

Our visitors to our beautiful area have always been impressed with the council’s efforts on keeping these facilities so clean.

The worker I frequently bump into is very friendly and efficient in his work.

— Sunshine Coast Council

"The library is continually cleaned at such a high standard and we never have any issues in regards to cleanliness."


Since the closure of libraries due to Covid-19, the extra cleaning service has been fantastic. Aman, the cleaner, wipes down all benches, door handles, seating, desks, and light switches, and does it properly.

Aman takes a lot of pride in his work. He is extremely respectful to staff and customers and always has his head down busy working, and the work is always brilliant.

Brian, you visit continually and you seek feedback and provide us with any information that is required. We appreciate the contact and having the ability to discuss any matters that may arise. You are always so helpful and friendly it makes such a difference.

— Sunshine Coast Council

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