Facilities Management

Integrated Facility Management solutions for your building.

Streamline the management of your building with CMBM’s professional cleaning, maintenance, safety & compliance divisions, managed for you through a single, dedicated source.

Would you like us to manage your building?

Facilities Management is a cost efficient way to streamline the management of your premises.

By having the cleaning, grounds maintenance, repairs, auditing and WHS compliance managed centrally through a single source, CMBM’s dedicated Facility Management division is a reliable building management solution for busy organisations.

How Facilities Management works for your premises

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  • Professional commercial cleaning
  • External building & roof cleaning
  • Pressure Washing
  • Abseil window cleaning
  • Car park cleaning

Trade Services & Maintenance

Certified Trade & Repair Services, including:

  • Electrical Work
  • Plumbing & Drainage
  • Lift & Auto Door Servicing
  • Pest Control
  • Air Conditioner Servicing
  • Non-Slip & Safety Solutions

Please contact us for a complete list of Trade Services.

Grounds & Landscaping

  • Tree and hedge trimming
  • Lawn maintenance
  • Landscaping of property
  • Rubbish disposal
  • Graffiti removal

Compliance Management

Managing your building’s compliance and auditing processes to ensure relevant legislation & codes are adhered to.

These include Fire Services Audits, Emergency Management Plans and Compliance Audits.

Storm Preparation & Emergency Response

  • Damage and corrosion inspections of roof and building
  • Clearing of gutters, downpipes and drains 
  • Chemical and hazardous materials cleaning

Free Facilities Assessment! 

Are you covering all bases when it comes to your building’s compliance and legal regulations?

Download our free Building Compliance Checklist and see if you are able to check off each item.

If you cannot tick off some items, you may be at risk of incurring a fine. Heavy penalties may apply if someone becomes injured due to your building failing to meet compliance regulations.

Not sure if these apply to you? Book an obligation-free Facilities Assessment today.

Repair and Maintenance Reports

Our trained building professionals can conduct a variety of Repair & Maintenance Reports for your auditing requirements.

We carefully assess your property for hazards and recommend the best solutions for each issue.

Check out our example reports below.

Comprehensive report document covering the common grounds of the property.

Our Quarterly Reports come with a complimentary video detailing the exact issues identified in the document. 

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