Top 5 Hygiene Products for Pubs & Clubs

Your customers’ perception of your venue, including its cleanliness, can impact on their overall experience. If it’s an unpleasant one, this can lead to negative word of mouth.

Here are our top 5 hygiene products to keep your premises clean, your customers comfortable, and your health and safety requirements met.


1. Sanitiser Stations

Place an Automatic Sanitiser Station at the entrance and in high-traffic areas of your premises to provide convenient hand sanitiser for your patrons. Automatic dispensers are a more efficient way to deliver a standard dose of sanitiser without enabling the spread of germs between your customers and staff. Sanitisation stations also demonstrate your club’s commitment to healthy hygiene practices.


2. Foot Door Openers

Install Foot Hook Door Openers on the bottom corner of pull doors to give customers the option for touch free door operation. Door handles are one of the most common surfaces for germ spread due to how frequently they are touched throughout the day. Give your customers a hygienic option when entering and exiting for their peace of mind.


3. Dispensers and Refills

Soap dispensers and refills are the hero of any restroom, providing a more cost effective and sustainable option than purchasing supermarket handwash.  If you are looking to add a little luxury to your restroom, check out our refill options!


4. Handy Surface Wipes

Regularly wiping down dining tables, bar stools, spills, and crumbs leaves your establishment presentable and welcoming at all times. Have Surface Wipes handy for efficient clean up and prevent cross contamination when cleaning across multiple areas.


5. Air Fresheners

There is nothing more off-putting than entering a place that smells bad. Body odour, stale food, and other unpleasant smells will make your customers want to leave sooner rather than later. Place Airoma Air Fresheners strategically around your venue to create an enriched multi-sensory experience for patrons. With 10 different scents to choose from, it won’t be hard finding one to suit your establishment.

If you need to stock up on hygiene solutions for your premises, visit our online store to browse the full range.

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