Quality, Safety and the Environment

CMBM Facility Services is ISO Certified in Quality, Safety and Environmental management systems against the latest ISO Standard. This high-level certification reduces the risk to our clients through the engagement of CMBM to deliver services that are quality assured, safe, and with environmental aspects considered.

ISO Certified - CMBM Facility Services - Queensland Cleaning Building Maintenance

Quality Assurance & Legal Compliance

Our Quality Management System complies with ISO 9001.  CMBM manages quality through our automated Quality Management System we refer to as QMC. This system provides clients with full visibility of the Quality Assurance reports, audits and job management that is applicable to CMBM operations at their site.

WHS Management and Assurance

The CMBM WHS Management System meets full compliance with ISO 45001. The system is externally audited and certified as being current and compliant.

All CMBM operations are risk assessed and close management of the WHS system ensures clients are not exposed to unwarranted risk associated with poor safety management practices.

CMBM maintains a Bronze Membership with the National Safety Council Australia Foundation to ensure currency with WHS related changes.

NSCA - National Safety Council Australia - CMBM Facility Services


Environmental Practices & Management

CMBM’s environmental policy complies with ISO 14001. Our operations are conducted with environmental aspects considered to ensure Environmental Risk is managed.

General environmental operating principles applied across the business are as follows:

  • Environmental risk is identified, mitigated and controlled.
  • Green cleaning options offering reductions in water and chemical usage while maintaining effective results.
  • Equipment selection, environmental barriers and safeguards are established as part of our work management practices.
  • Recycling, re-purposing and waste management practices are inherent requirements of our operations.
  • Heritage, Flora and Fauna considerations are applied as applicable.
  • Purchasing practices have accounted for environmental impact.
  • Energy management practices ensure efficiency.


Facilities Management & Caretaking

ABMA - CMBM Facility Services - Facility Management
ABMA – CMBM Facility Services – Facility Management

CMBM are Accredited Industry Practitioners of the ABMA Building Management Code, the nationally recognised standard for caretaking and facilities management.


Contractor Management

CMBM is vigilant in ensuring that any sub-contractor engaged to deliver services on behalf of CMBM are 100% compliant with our system, operate under the terms of a contract and can deliver the Service standards that our clients have come to expect. CMBM assure the service standard is met and aligns with the scope of work. CMBM allocate a dedicated Client Service Manager to each of our clients to manage their expectations and meet our contracted obligations.

CMBM maintains compliance, legal and statutory requirements by:

  • Ensuring all sub-contractors have the required Insurance Coverage;
  • Relevant licences and qualifications are checked and confirmed as current;
  • Risk is managed for the Services required;
  • Records are maintained and performance is measured; and
  • Channels are established to address complaints, performance and non-compliance issues.

CMBM maintain pre-qualification on the following systems: